InDiCo-Global Call for External Pool of Evaluators (EPEs)

InDiCo-Global is setting up an External Pool of Evaluators (EPE) to review proposals to the InDiCo-Global funded activities, a cycle of 3 Open Calls running over the 36-month project lifetime, with a budget of € 1,000,000 earmarked to finance studies, activities and events in support of capacity building and development of cooperation between Europe and key international partners (within the geographical scope of the project: China, India, South East Asia, African Union, Latin America and Caribbean, the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans).  

Our EPE will gather a set of 11+ recognised experts in the topics to be covered by the Open Calls, which will consider priority topics in the Digital area of the Horizon Europe Programme (cluster 4), the EC Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation, including emerging standards on AI, Cybersecurity, Quantum Technologies, 6G, IoT, Digital Identity, Digital Signatures and convergence across these technologies. The calls will also invite organisations from the targeted regions to propose any activity relevant to the development of cooperation and conducive to alignment on standards and policies related to Digital.

Our 11+ members will be key to ensuring an impartial, transparent, and consistent review process of applications to the Open Calls and will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis from the Call for Evaluators open until 30 June 2024.

(If needed, the call could be extended, and a reserve call may be re-opened at a later stage in the project’s lifecycle to compensate for any retiring members or changes in the Open Call priorities).


Evaluating proposals submitted to the InDiCo-Global Fellowship Programme

Upon selection for our EPE, members will be engaged via a standard contract with InDiCo-Global for the duration of the 3 Open Call cycles. Evaluation will be carried out entirely remotely via the InDiCo-Global grants platform, where access will be granted to the applications assigned and online evaluation forms.

Upon closure of each Open Call, three members will be drawn from our pool to evaluate each eligible application. Assignment of the applications will be made on the basis of expertise and with due regard to gender and geographical balance.

Prior to the review process, our evaluators will be briefed fully on the principles guiding the calls, the application and the selection criteria.


Applicant profile

Applicants should demonstrate experience and possess a proven track record in the ICT Standardisation domains to be covered in the Open Calls, as well as a sound grasp of the European vision and supporting policies for Digital. Applications to join our EPE are open to individuals from all over the world, including academic institutions, business associations, and industries, including SMEs.

Service terms and remuneration

Services are to be provided remotely via the InDiCo-Global Grants platform and will involve the evaluation of the applications received in response to the InDiCo-Global Open Calls. The pool will gather members with differing expertise to enable flexibility when assigning applications and to ensure that independence and fairness are upheld for each application evaluated.

To this purpose, all EPE members will be required to sign a standard contract with strict provisions governing Conflict of Interest and non-disclosure of any information relative to the proposals or which is proprietary information to the InDiCo-Global Consortium before being accepted to the pool.

The EPE will be remunerated at a daily rate of 450€, to be paid on the basis of the number of proposals evaluated, with the time to be spent on each evaluation set at 2 hours per proposal.

Selection Criteria

The InDiCo-Global EPE will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Active (and recent) involvement in the domain of international cooperation on ICT policies and standards
  • Expertise in the ICT Standardisation domains covered in the Open Calls - additional skills in ICT Standardisation are a plus;
  • Contribution to related efforts in priority ICT standardisation topics over the past 12-18 months, such as chair roles, rapporteurs/convenors, contributors/supporters in SSOs and SDOs and Working Groups;
  • Active engagement in Standardisation events is a plus.

Involvement in activities of the former InDiCo project will be a plus.

Conflict of interest
  • Evaluators should not be part of the InDiCo-Global project consortium.
  • Evaluators will be asked to sign a non-conflict of interest declaration before being accepted to perform their duties for a specific evaluation. 
  • A conflict of interest exists if an evaluator: 
    1. is a director, trustee or partner or is in any way involved in the management of the applicant’s organisation
    2. has a close family or personal relationship with the applicant or the applicant’s organisation
    3. is employed or contracted by one of the applicant’s organisations or any named subcontractors
    4. was involved in any way in the preparation of the proposal or submitted the proposal itself
    5. stands to benefit directly or indirectly if the proposal is accepted

Please note that EPE membership precludes applications for open calls. The contract to be signed will include standard provisions to guarantee that no conflict of interest exists and that complete confidentiality is ensured.

Briefing pack

Selected evaluators can download the full briefing pack illustrating the evaluation process and obligations here.


To apply to become an InDiCo-Global EPE member, please register below. After the registration process is completed, access your dashboard, fill out the application form, and attach your CV.